Mid twenties art student. I like gay things and video games. I also binge on TV shows and fangirl a lot.


i found this series of stock images that are supposed to be of bullying but they just look really gay to me

Anonymous said:
do you have a paypal account because i swear to god ill pay you to finish your 2 fanfics. ILL PAY.

I do but no amount of money (unless you’re a billionaire) will make me go faster. I do want to finish them, I plan to, I plan to start another, whether these things work out at the pace other people want them isn’t really my problem.

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You should give 'Faking It' a try :) The idea sounds quite offensive when you hear it, I know, but the way they handle it looks promising so far, after seeing the first episode.

It’s tempting but I’ll leave it for now. :)



At TEDxYouth@Manchester, genetics researcher Dan Davis introduces the audience to compatibility genes — key players in our immune system’s functioning, and the reason why it’s so difficult to transplant organs from person to person: one’s compatibility genes must match another’s for a transplant to take.

To learn more about these fascinating genes, watch the whole talk here»

(Images from Davis’s talk, Drew Berry’s animations, and the TED-Ed lessons A needle in countless haystacks: Finding habitable worlds - Ariel Anbar and How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi)




What? Bisexual? She can’t be bisexual, you’re only bisexual if you’re actively fucking two people of two differing genders at the same exact time. The moment you stop fucking them you’re suddenly not bi anymore. It’s science.

I suppose that means we bi people exist in quantum superposition until someone observes us having sex.

Schrodinger’s Sexuality

well, put some skates on. be your own hero. 
#whip it  


*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*


people getting in the clone club now probably are like

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